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Some weeks ago I wrote about how to recover those files you accidentally deleted from your computer and, adding insult to injury, even from your trash bin. If you want to read the full article, click here. Today I want to speak about another software which is able to recover deleted files. Its name is  UndeleteMyFiles and, apart from being freeware, is rich of features you wouldn’t think available in any free application. UndeleteMyFiles  is able to recover files from any kind of support such as: hard disk, USB dongle, CF and SD cards and other storage media. There is no tricky procedure to perform in order to get your data back, but just an easy two-steps process. Other features include:

  • File Rescue Wizard and Media Recover. Recovering your files has never been so easy. Just follow the two-step process and you are done!
  • File Rescue Wizard. Thanks to this powerful tool, you will be able to browse among the different deleted files to spot exactly what you have lost.
  • Emergency Disk Image. It creates an immediate usable snapshot and thus prevent deleted data from being overwritten by subsequent drive activity.
  • Mail Rescue – Mail Recovery Wizard.

If you want to know more, or if you just want to download it, click here.

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2 Comments to “Recover deleted files thanks to UndeleteMyFiles”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    That’s hard to tell. My best bet is to advice you to uninstall it since it doesn’t like another software you have on your PC. Also, try to turn off the programs you have installed on your machine (and after that run undeletemyfiles), one by one and find out which one is causing your computer to reboot. In the end, as a general rule, when something causes your computer to reboot, uninstall it for good. It is better to have a working computer…more than anything else!

  2. Nilesh Says:

    Hi, i’ve downloaded and install undeletemyfiles on my pc and after i run it, it rebooted my pc immediately, now each time i run the program it restart my pc. My system is Win XP Sp2, 1 GB RAM, 160GB HD, VGA:8600GT 512MB. I also have no viruses, i used avast home edition, i tried to exit my anti-virus still in vain. plz help if u can. thx

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