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wordpress3 months right after the birth of WordPress 2.5 a new version of the famous Content Management System has been released in the wild! As a matter of fact WordPress, with this new update, has reached version 2.6 increasing the number of its features and improvements. If you are a newbie you will be surprises by WordPress user-friendly interface and the easiness with whom you will able to install it and start blogging. If you are a seasoned WordPress’s user, you wouldn’t probability notice any big difference from the previous release but, believe me, there are a lot of improvements and fixes which out-stand for their importance and security value. Here is a quick list:

  • Improved support for SSL access to the admin screens.
  • Security enhancements, including cookies and database interactions
  • When you select a theme, you will now be able to see it live with the changes you made (and with all the content you added) before putting it online.
  • “Press This” bookmarklet feature. Thanks to this new feature you will be able to quickly post about the websites you visit while online. (It is just sufficient to drag the “Press This” link into your browser bookmark to activate the function.)
  • Wiki tracking for edits. Now WordPress lets you see who and what changes where made to your posts.
  • More support for Avatars.
  • Improved plugin management. New “bulk activate” or “bulk deactivate” plugin option.
  • Updates to the new jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, updates to the latest TinyMCE editor, improvements to Page and Category management, and general performance enhancements.
  • In this version where fixed about 194 bugs!!!

Here is a small video tour of the new WordPress 2.6. Take  a couple of minutes to watch it. It is worth, believe me!

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