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pdfIf you are looking for tons of PDF books to read, that’s the right place. As a matter of fact I want to introduce to you a wonderful website which, by using the powerful Google Search Engine and one of its unknown features, is able to find millions of e-books in one click! It’s nothing else than a free pdf search engine!  The feature or I’d better say the piece of code I was talking about lets you find whatever extension you want in the Internet, without getting crazy among Google results. The code to use is: Ext. But let’s see an example. Let’s say that you are looking for an e-book having the following extension .txt (which is the one used by the notebook application in Windows). The e-book you are searching for is the famous Dracula. Here is the code you will have to write in the Google Search bar: dracula ext:txt The results you will get will contain the word Dracula, the extension .txt and the relative file to download. PDF Search Engine does exactly this: filter Google results. But the web engine goes beyond it. In fact this great search engine for pdf shows you the PDF files in an ordered and neat list, leaving behind all the useless results you are not interested in.

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