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wordpressI know, I know that I have already reviewed WPAU (WordPress Automatic upgrade) in the past, but you know, I am almost compelled to write about this excellent plugin for WordPress again. Above all since it is one of the few plugins I really like, care and use, without speaking about the fact that WPAU lets, really lets Web Talk live and survive in this tough Internet world made out of endless updates.  When last year I started looking for a good Content Management System, one of the biggest concerns of mine was to be able to find a software which came with a kind of automatic upgrade. After the bad, really bad upgrade experiences with Mambo and Joomla! I really craved for something easy to use. My only goal, here in the web, is write. I want to focalise myself on writing good reviews and guides. That’s it. That’s why in 2007 I started surfing all of the web looking for something easy to use which let me concentrate on my work. But, with my disbelief, I found out that what I was looking for didn’t exsit. At that point I made one last attempt in Google by typing “automatic upgrade” and after a few pages WordPress Automatic Upgrade popped out, outstanding with all its wonderful features from the list of results Google gave me. And that’s how I ended up picking WordPress as my blogging platform. (so, thanks Keith Dsouza, really thanks a lot for creating your wonderful plugin…come on, I know that you read this blog regularly!). Yesterday WPAU has reached its version and a lot of improvements have been made concerning stability, security and bug fixes. But let’s see a brief list of its features.

  • Upgrade your WordPress blog  in a couple of easy steps! No special knowledge is required.
  • WPAU is fully compatible with WordPress 2.6 and up.
  • WPAU only lets you upgrade if your WP is out-of-date.
  • WPAU now uses Snoopy to download files rather than using regular PHP methods.
  • WPAU alerts you when a new WP update is available.
  • Automatic Upgrade option will only be visible to Administrators.

Keith Dsouza is also working hard on the next WordPress Automatic Upgrade (version 1.3) and in his blog he anticipated some of its new thrilling features. Here is a list.

  • Better user interface which will let see user see what is going on during the update in real time!
  • Ability for users to choose the language of WordPress they want to download from.
  • Internationalization support.
  • Cleanup of code to make WPAU more faster.

If you want to download WordPress Automatic Update, click here. If you want to visit the blog of Keith Dsouza, the author of this excellent plugin, here is the link.

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2 Comments to “WordPress Automatic Upgrade version”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    I knew you were going to reply to me! I am really proud about you reading my blog! I haven’t updated yet but I am quite confident that everything will go all right. In the meantime keep the good work up and, if you want to write something about your plugin or your future plugins, keep in mind that here at Web Talk there is always a free spot for you! 🙂

  2. Keith Dsouza Says:

    Hey thanks for talking about the plugin and am happy that it help you make a decision for finding the right blogging platform.

    A couple of years ago I was using Joomla too but then it was difficult and not something that I wanted, I loved my switch to WordPress but that said regular updates were quite a head ache.

    That prompted me to try something that would things easier while updating, I followed the 5-point formula for upgrading and wrote each module separately before I could club them together into one big plugin called WPAU.

    It makes me happy that the plugin helps solve a problem that users have faced for quite long, and though its not perfect it works for 90-95% of the users, which according to me is satisfying 🙂

    There are still more plugins that will be introduced in future, alas I find the time and efforts to get it done :).

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