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There are a lot of free antivirus software in the Internet, I already know this, and you do too, I am pretty sure about this. Anyway what you should know is that many of them are full of bloatware that increases your CPU usage slowing your computer down. As a matter of fact, lately a lot of antivirus companies have started adding a lot, really a lot of features in their programs, most of which are pretty useless to the average surfer.  So, what solution do you have in order to get a light freeware antivirus which doesn’t choke your CPU? A good free antivirus solution is the almost unknown Rising Antivirus which apart from being extremely light, is able to protect your from any kind of pestaware and threat. Here is a list of what is able to do:

  • It protects you from anti virus, worms, trojans and anti rootkit. (so, you won’t need to run any antisypware on your PC).
  • Mail protection.
  • Malicious Behavior Detection and Hidden Process Detection.
  • Proactive Defence(protects your security safe from malicious program)
  • Free updates.
  • Completely Free!
  • Great alternative to the famous AVG antivirus which with its latest 8.0 version has become a little heavier.

Rising Antivirus is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista and it has passed all the most famous and tough virus test getting a lot of awards. If you want to download it, click here.

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3 Comments to “A valid and powerful antivirus: Rising Antivirus”

  1. Lon Says:

    I suggest going slow on this one. Do you REALLY want to install software from China – the hacking capital of the world?
    Also, this program only got a 3.5 rating from cnet, and they had numerous issues with it’s oddball functioning.

  2. Tri Teguh Handono Says:

    I think this is could be most wanted brand!

  3. Bookmarks about Freeware Says:

    […] – bookmarked by 3 members originally found by dsmiley on 2008-09-24 A valid and powerful antivirus: Rising Antivirus http://www.webtlk.com/2008/07/18/a-valid-and-powerful-antivirus-rising-antivirus/ – bookmarked by […]

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