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GoogleThe most famous service provided by Google is without any doubt its free Gmail e-mail account, having the following domain extension: yourusername@gmail.com. What instead you don’t know is that you have the chance to sign-up for free to another Google e-mail account having a more complete and recognizable Google domain extension and pointing to the same Gmail mailbox. The Google e-mail account I am talking is: yourusername@googlemail.com. So, for example if you have a Gmail with the following e-mail address: myname@gmail.com, all e-mails sent to myname@googlemail.com will also be delivered to the same inbox belonging to the other address, and vice versa (basically you will have two Gmails with different extensions pointing to the same account). But, why does Google have  got two different e-mails? GoogleMail is a simple workaround adopted by the big G in order to make its service available  in United Kingdom (UK) and Germany where there is a trademark fight on rights to own the name of Gmail. People liking this Google service might be interesting in having a more complete and  recognizable Google e-email  by having the word “Google” in the e-mail address itself. If you want to sign-up for a Google account and a Google Mail account, just follow this link here.

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12 Comments to “How to sign up for a GoogleMail.com e-mail account”

  1. Nitin Harjai Says:

    HI , I am Nitin Harjai ,born and brought up in Karnal ,Currently in Delhi.

  2. Sites Help Says:

    One thing more that Sites Help is providing help about Google Sites, okay…. so is it will be any difference for signing up from @gmail or @googlemail.com in Google Sites Services?

  3. Sites Help Says:

    if i have an email adddress at myname@gmail.com, then can i get the same @googlemail.com? I think its the same….. right?
    and can we sign up for google sites for web site like Sites Help (http://www.siteshelp.com) to develop our website using @googlemail.com account?

  4. Yati Says:

    thank you very much..! 🙂

  5. george Says:

    Thank you so much for the help “Web Talk”

  6. guddu Says:

    This is a very nice article. It would be of immense use if you can give information on how to sign up an fsmail.net account while sitting in India.
    I tried a lot but failed …
    Plzz help.

  7. Eby Says:


    I can create a googlemail.com account from UAE

    Thanks for your article


  8. Web Talk Says:

    Mmm…interesting question. According to what I know no, you can’t. There is not way to delete one of the two e-mail domains. This article explains that you will have two Google e-mails pointing to the same account. I dont think this is going to be an issue. Basically you will get all your emails to both Gmail and Googlemail.

  9. Nitin Harjai Says:

    One question.. can i change my current email account from @gmail.com to @googlemail.com.

    If possible please guide.


  10. Nitin Harjai Says:

    Thanks for the article. I was searching to make my googlemail account.

    You can make googlemail email account sitting anywhere in this world using the link provided here in the article. We are not necessary to be in Europe to be like europian….

    I did it sitting in India


  11. Web Talk Says:

    Hello there and thanks for reading this article.
    According to what I know it is only possible to set up a Googlemail account only if you live in Europe. Anyway if you live in the States there are certain tricks you can do. The first trick is to click on the link I provided in the article above. At the end of such a link you should see a figure. In our case it should be 1 or 0. Try to change this figure to 2,3,4 etc till you get the proper page allowing you to sign-up for the account. Alternatively you can use a proxy to sign up. Try this one out : http://www.zend2.com/ or simply make a Google search for anonymous proxy.

  12. Gary Moritz Says:

    Is AT ALL possible for someone in America to set up an email address using the extension “googlemail.com” or is that extension exclusively for UK and Germany users? Your answer to this question will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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