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vistaWhile trying to install recommended updates in Windows Vista you might get the following error message: “Some updates were not installed – error(s) code 800B0100”. This error is very frustrating because it appears regardless whatever you do and how many times you try to download and install updates, forcing you to stop the service once for all. The trick in this case is quite simple because the error seems to depend on the Windows Firewall itself. It is just sufficient to disable it not to get it anymore and download all the updates you want. Here is how to disable Windows Firewall:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Click Turn Windows Firewall on and off.
  5. Select Off (not recommended), click Apply and then OK.
  6. Now you can  download and install the Windows updates again.

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2 Comments to “Windows Vista Update error 800B0100”

  1. Nigel Birrell Says:

    Tried it and it did not work

  2. Tyrone Skinner Says:

    Tried that and didn’t work.

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