How to make Vista SP1 installation Permanent

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vistaIf you don’t have any issue related to Windows Vista SP1, then you may consider to make the SP1 installation permanent. But what are the benefits of doing this? By default, Vista SP1 has got a lot of files which are needed in case you want to uninstall it. If you decide to make SP1 permanent you are going to gain a lot of free space by deleting the aforementioned files. Here is the trick.

  1. To make SP1 permanent you need a small file called vsp1cln.exe (Vista SP1 Cleaner). You don’t need to download such a tool anywhere since it is already installed in your system. As a matter of fact it is located in Windows/System32 folder.
  2. Let’s get vsp1cln.exe (Vista SP1 Cleaner):
  3. Click Start.
  4. Type CMD in the Search Bar and hit Enter.
  5. In the Command Prompt type: vsp1cln.exe
  6. At this point the system should ask you the following question: Would you like to continue (Y/N)?
  7. Hit Y as Yes and wait for clean-up

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