Classic Menu Bar can’t be closed in Windows Vista File Explorer

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microsoftUsers coming from old Windows versions know what I am talking about pretty well. As a matter of fact the Classic Menu Bar is available (and it is one of the main features) in all of the Microsoft operating systems. It is recognizable because it contains a lot of drop-down menus labeled: File, Edit, View, Tools etc. In Windows Vista, if you want, you can use (or you can disable) the Classic menu by clicking: Organize — Layout — Menu Bar. Anyway this menu might originate a little issue. As a matter of fact, if  users try to disable or hide it, they could face the fact that it just refuses to obey and  will continue to stay in the Windows Vista theme. To solve this issue follow these tricks here.

A possible cause because the Classic menu refuses to disappear is that the user turned the classic folders visualization on to get the classic style. To ensure that Classic Menu is not enabled follow this procedure:

  1. Click Organize.
  2. Click on Folder and Search Options.
  3. In the general tab, under Folder Options check the Show previews and filters radio button.

If the above trick didn’t work for you, try to apply this little hack.

  1. Close all of the windows in the computer desktop.
  2. Once the desktop is clean, press Start.
  3. In the Search bar type regedit and hit Enter.
  4. Locate the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\ Toolbar\ ShellBrowser
  5. Delete the following subkey: ITBar7Layout
  6. Turn off and on your computer.
  7. Now open Windows Explorer and you should see that the Classic menu has disappear. If it is still there unselect the Menu Bar on Layout and turn on the showing of previews and filters.

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