How to use Pwnage tool to jailbreak (unlock) iPhone and iPod

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iphoneA few months ago I spoke about a nice piece of tool by the Dev Team which let you jailbreak your iPhone to load whatever firmware and unauthorized software you wished in your iPhone. During this lapse of time the Dev Team’s work has gone further and now, thanks to their new PwnageTool 2.0.1 you can  activate, jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 2G in order to  use whatever SIM you wish, and jailbreak your iPod to run whatever unauthorized third party and nor supported application software you want. As far as iPhone 3G, the Dev Team Tool doesn’t support such a phone yet( edit: the tool to jailbreak the 3G iPhone should be ready. To know more visit the Dev Team’s website). I have already spoken about this tool when it was in its 2.0 version. Here is the link to read the article of mine and watch a brief video by the Dev Team, explaining how to pwn the iPhone firmware 2.0 and iPhone 3G. Anyway, since the tool was a little buggy, a version 2.0.1 has been recently released for everybody to download and use. This new release, as stated in the Dev Team blog, fixes several bugs and contains a lot of enhancements. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • It auto-finds the bl39 and bl46 files better, if they’re on your computer.
  • It creates the ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support/ folder if not present, which should help with some 1600 errors people have been having.
  • Many people have reported the PwnageTool not starting up at all (the icon never stops bouncing). This issue should be resolved now.
  • The Sparkle AppCast URL is fixed in this version, so automatic updates should work for future releases.

If you wish to download the PwnageTool v2.0 and v2.0.1, here are the links:

The official PwnageTool works on Mac OS X only. (But there is also a nice tool which works on Windows only. If you want to know more infos, read the complete instructions and download the tool, here is the link to the WinPwn.com website). What follows instead is a complete list of errors you might face while using the tool:

  • Error 1600 from iTunes or “failure to prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw” in the log. Fix the error or problem by creating the Device Support directory using mkdir ~/Library/iTunes/”Device Support” command. If the directory already exists, remove any files in it. Then re-run PwnageTool.
  • If DFU restores are giving you trouble, another route to pwned 2.0 for 1G owners is to use our first pwnage at 1.1.4. Once you are pwned there, you can do a normal recovery-mode restore to your custom 2.0 ipsw. BTW the iPhone does *not* need to be pre-pwned to be able to DFU-restore into a pwned ipsw — it needs to be pre-pwned only for normal recovery-mode restores of custom ipsw’s.
  • Mail application not working at 2.0? Please restore to your custom ipsw (you don’t need to DFU restore if you are pwned, normal restore will work now too) but then select “Set up as a new iPhone” when iTunes asks. Your first sync will bring back all of your settings anyway.

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