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Google ChromeGoogle has just unveiled its next generation browser called Google Chrome. Useless to say: this new browser, I am more than sure about this, is going to compete fiercely with Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer and despite it is unclear which one will be the winner, is quite obvious that Google Chrome will take a large slice of the cake, forcing Firefox and Microsoft to invent something new to allure future users. Good! I like when things are stirred up! For those of you who are curious to know it a little deeper, here is a complete list of its features:

  • Google Chrome will be an open-source project. The browser will be based on the existing engine Webkit. Furthermore, it will include Google’s Gears project.
  • The browser will embed a Java Virtual machine called V8. This virtual machine will be brand new and will be built by a team located in Denmark. It will be open-source as well.
  • Google Chrome will feature new tabs. Differently from Firefox which places its tabs under the address bar, Chrome will have new styled tabs above the address bar.
  • Google Chrome will feature an address bar rich of features called Omnibox. This new bar, differently from the one in Firefox, will literally suggest you a large quantity of things, making your browsing experience even better. As a matter of fact it will suggest you: sites you have not visited yet, sites you have already visited, popular website and more. It also lets you type keywords which will be associated to specific websites speaking about the topic you wish to read.
  • Google Chrome will display a new homepage conception. In fact, once you open the browser, you will be faced with a homepage showing you your most visited web-pages as 9 screenshot thumbnails, plus your recent searches, plus your recently bookmarked pages.
  • Google Chrome will feature a special “incognito” window. Google cares for your privacy. As a matter of fact when you surf with this window, you will be invisible, meaning that you won’t leave any fingerprint on your computer.
  • Google Chrome will have a special feature advising you about harmful sites. The browser will download a complete and updated list of the most dangerous website in the web.
  • Google Chrome will be completely sandboxed. When you surf, when you download stuff or run something coming from the web, Chrome will put everything in a sandbox automatically, without you knowing, in order to test whatever it gets and see if it is dangerous for your computer or not.

If you wish to know more, read the post speaking about Google Chrome from the official Google blog. Here instead you can read a nice cartoon from Google itself explaining you what Google Chrome is. If you want to download Google Chrome here is the link. (edit: the link may be down depending on how many people are downloading it)


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One Comment to “Google Chrome”

  1. George Toms Says:

    Google Chrome is really fast!

    Now I can sort 200,000 records inside of Browser (Chrome) just in 1 sec. (Faster than Microsoft Excel):


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