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Despite the fact that Firefox has got every thing you need and even more, if you wish there is a nice set of utilities (add-ons) which lets you use all of the Google Chrome’s features into Firefox. But let’s see in detail what I am talking about.

  1. Incognito” Mode: As you know Chrome lets you surf in a kind of hidden way which doesn’t leave any footprint in your computer. As a matter of fact everything (cookies, history etc) is deleted from your computer leaving it perfectly clean. Firefox, thanks to an add-on called Stealther can do same thing. In fact, Stealther protects you and your privicy by sweeping everything away from your local computer such as: Browsing History (also in Address bar), Cookies, Downloaded Files History, Disk Cache, Saved Form Information, Sending of ReferrerHeader, Recently Closed Tabs list.
  2. Download status bar: One of the most interesting features in Chrome is that, when you download a file from the Internet, there is no window popping-up in the middle of your screen. What you can find instead is a neat and tidy download-progress bar right in the status bar. On its side Firefox, again thanks to an add-on called Download Statusbar, does the exact same thing!
  3. Omnibar highlight feature: As we all know, one of Chrome’s main goal is to protect you and your sensitive information from malicious websites, phishing etc. That’s why once the browser downloads and displays a site, Chrome’s “omni bar” highlights the website’s domain root, so that you will be able to spot malicious sites in a better way. Thanks to Locationbar, Firefox can do the same thing.  Locationbar puts emphasis on the domain to reduce spoofing risk, cool isn’t it?
  4. Web Applications: Google Chrome is all for Web 2.0. Web Applications are its strong point and in fact it can create application shortcut to use them with ease. Firefox thanks to Prism can do the exact same thing. (brief description: Refractor creates a Prism web application from within Firefox).

Source: Lifehacker.com

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One Comment to “Put Google Chrome features into your Firefox”

  1. run2lab web directory Says:

    thats why i like ff its amazing where we can add great plug in’s


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