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Google ChromeA couple of days ago Google Chrome was launched in the Web. Despite it is still in beta, a lot of people, developers and Google supporters have already started developing, tweaking, tricking, hacking and speaking about it. There are not doubts, Google Chrome is doomed to become one of the most terrible Firefox’s foe. Today I want to speak about the first free stuff you can find for it in the web. I want to speak about Chrome themes. If you think there is nothing available for this brand new browser yet, you’d better think twice. As a matter of fact here is a list of the most beautiful free Chrome themes!

  1. Dark theme. This theme turns the upper blue bar into a dark bar which reminds you of Batman.
  2. Green theme. A green bar for all of those people who like a countryside experience.
  3. Orange theme. A orange bar for all of those people who love the sunset.
  4. Mac v1.0 theme. As you know Google Chrome just runs in Windows Xp and Vista. Get a Mac taste on your Chrome with this Mac style theme!
  5. Chrome dark theme. This theme turns your Chrome into a light night. In fact the bar, differently from the dark theme above, is just slightly dark, making it ideal for those people who don’t like to be lonely at night!

To install these themes, download your desired theme then uncompressed it and copy the default.dll file (found in zip or rar) in C:\Documents and Settings \User\Local Settings \Application Data\Google\Chrome \Application\\Themes\

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2 Comments to “Download beautiful Google Chrome Themes”

  1. I tried Google Chrome: It’s light. fast and Rocks: By Olga Lednichenko « Olga Lednichenko -My new Slate Says:

    […] Download beautiful Google Chrome Themes […]

  2. Movlue J. Ridic Says:

    also you can try other 10 google chrome theme in http://www.freechromethemes.com

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