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Google ChromeJust in case you missed the article of mine where I speak about some of the most useful tricks for Google Chrome, here is the link to a lot of tricks. Today instead I want to speak about other Google Chrome tricks which, differently from the ones already available on the Internet, are not so easy to find, guess or discover. They are valuable pieces of information which are not so obvious and can save you a lot of time and improve the way you use Chrome. Here is the list:

  1. Last visited pages: to find out which web pages and websites you visited, right-click on the back or forward button.
  2. Calculations, conversions, advanced searches: Google Chrome lets you make a variety of things thanks to its new Omnibar. As a matter of fact you can calculate, convert and make advanced searches directly from the address bar. How? Simple, in the address bar just type 1 usd in euro or 145+598 or 4560 minutes in hours or define: serendipity etc. To find out what operations and advanced searches you can do with Google Chrome, read this guide.
  3. Open a new window from a tab: To perform such an operation, simply drag the tab outside the window.
  4. Monitor how many resources a website uses: If you want to see if a website drains a lot of resource from your computer right-clicks on the page itself. A new window will appear. Click on Inspect and select Resource. Now reload the website to see the new opened window show you the resources used by it.
  5. F3 + CTRL + F: This key combination activate a search widget in the browser.
  6. F5 : Reaload a page.
  7. CTRL + D: Bookmark a page.
  8. CTRL + W: Close the browser.
  9. CTRL + E: Lets you perform special queries in the address bar.
  10. CTRL + U: Shows you the source code for a web page.
  11. CTRL +/- : Increase or decrease fonts of a web page.
  12. CTRL + P: Print a page.

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3 Comments to “The best unknown tricks for Google Chrome”

  1. rammy Says:

    hey nice tips of chrome .thanx a lot

  2. Web Hosting Review Says:

    “Monitor how many resources a website uses”

    This is indeed a good function. For me I do heavy surfing and most of the time I wonder it’s my internet connections problem or the website problem to have the site loaded slow. Now I can check on it..

    Web Hosting Review´s last blog post..Why Is Hostgator Recommended

  3. I tried Google Chrome: It’s light. fast and Rocks: By Olga Lednichenko « Olga Lednichenko -My new Slate Says:

    […] The best unknwon tricks for Google Chrome […]

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