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After the grand launch of Google Chrome, Google is about to take care of its users by taking serious steps in order to protect their privacy. As a matter of fact, after many pressures from the EU and people all over the world, Google has decided to change its policy and anonymize user IP addresses after 9 months (before it was 18 months). Here is a brief excerpt from Nicole Wong, Google’s deputy general counsel in charge of compliance: “About a year ago, in March 2007, we announced that we would limit the retention of [certain personal data] to 18 months,”…”When we went down to 18 months…we could continue to innovate with our services while still protecting users. Our engineers have continued to work on the computer science problem around this, and they now think that after nine months, they can get most of the utility out of the data in our server logs, while giving better privacy protection.”

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