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VistaOne of the most dreaded errors in Windows Vista is without any doubt the famous “BOOTMGR is missing” which usually appears during the boot. Under such an error the following message may appear also: ” Press CTRL + Alt + Del to restart”. Useless to say, even though you press such buttons you won’t see the error disappear. Instead you will face same message again, and again, and again. Here is a simple trick to fix it.

  1. Before proceeding keep in mind that you need a Windows Vista DVD.
  2. Boot from your Windows Vista DVD.
  3. At the first prompt (the one asking you the language to install, time and currency and Keyboard or input method) click next without any doubt.
  4. At the second prompt, in the bottom left part of the screen you should see a link like this: Repair your computer. Click on it.
  5. At this point the system will attempt to spot your Vista installation directory. If you have got more than one, select the right one. Now click Next.
  6. You should now be able to see a window called System Recovery Option.
  7. Click Startup Repair.
  8. The system will try to repair your Vista. After that it will prompt you to reboot your computer.
  9. At this point you should effectively be able to reboot your computer without any issue anymore.

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6 Comments to “How to fix “BOOTMGR is missing” error in Windows Vista”

  1. oli Says:

    what can i do if when the system recovery option pop up, but there are no operating system.. i know i got to hit the load drivers bar, but what drivers do i have to load????

  2. Adrian Says:

    You told you that this procedure will work for anyone?! Whatever I’d do there is no way that can be repaired!

  3. Alex Skob Says:

    I have had the same problem with the bootmngr but wheni repaired it through the vista cd it said it fixed everythin but then it starts up and just sits at a black screen, please help

  4. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks Ken Wilson for sharing your experience. I am more than sure that a lot of Web Talk’s readers will find your comment quite useful!

  5. Ken Wilson Says:

    The problem I had, and it seems most people run into, is that bootmgr ends up on the wrong drive after a fresh install. In my case I installed to ‘C:’ but it ended up on my auxiliary ‘D:’ drive.

    This caused Vista to see it as a system drive (according to Disk Manager).

    I tried the repair startup procedure outlined in many of the fixes but it didn’t work. Here is what did…

    I went into Disk Manager and set the C: drive as ‘Active’ (it wasn’t already set that way).

    Went to D: drive and found bootmgr. Could not delete it due to permissions but I could rename it so I renamed it bootmgrbak.bak

    I shut down the PC and unplugged power to all auxiliary drives, removed flash cards (including SpeedBoost) and restarted with Vista install DVD and went through ‘repair startup’ procedure.

    This time it quickly reported that it found a problem and asked me if I wanted it repaired. YES!

    When it rebooted I removed the DVD from the drive and viola! Booted normally.

    I shut it back down, plugged everything back in and everything is back to normal.

  6. dustin Says:

    Bought an Acer laptop with Vista already installed, do don’t have the Windows Vista DVD. How do I fix the bootmgr is missing error. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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