Get busted with Google Chrome in one second!

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Ok, this may be a little silly but, I have to write it down, since a lot of you guys may not know the danger behind Google Chrome. If you are accustomed to surf hot websites, now with this new browser it is ever easier to get busted. As a matter of fact, if you want to show the new Google’s toy to a friend of yours, your girlfriend or even worse to your parents, this is going to be the result you might get (with the default Chrome settings) once you double-click on Chrome’s icon on the desktop.

Google Chrome

In fact, once you open the browser, its default settings display the most visited sites. To avoid this embarrassing situation you have to use the famous “incognito” mode. Alternatively you need to change what Chrome displays at startup.

  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click the Basics tab.
  4. The second section is devoted to Home Page’s settings. Click on Open this page and type: www.google.com
  5. From now on, every time you will open Chrome, it won’t show you the most visited website but Google home page.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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