How to convert flash video (.flv) to Divx, Avi, Mp3, Mp4, Mpeg4

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YouTube and Google video are quite popular nowadays. There are quite a few videos you can get from these websites that you can watch for free by using a variety of devices such as: iPod, PSP, Nintendo DS, mobile etc. There is not limit to what you can watch: movies, commercials, TV shows, personal videos etc. With such big free sources it is only normal to wish to grab as much as possible! There is only one limit which divides you from all this. It is called format. In fact, YouTube, Google Video and other websites offering free videos have everything encoded in a special format which is easily usable on the Internet. Such a format is called Flash Video aka flv file. All of the above-mentioned  portable devices (and your computer too) , use other formats such as: Divx, Avi, Mp3, Mp4 etc. Today thanks to Vixy the dreaded flv format is not an issue anymore. In fact, this little website does something quite amazing. It converts flv files into…whatever you want! It is just sufficient to submit a URL of a video (.flv) you wish to convert (for example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=J7JmsMMIR4Y), select a format of your choice and wait for a few seconds to get back a link which lets you download the new encoded video file, now ready to be watched on your device, computer or Mac.

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