Microsoft Live Labs launch Photosynth

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Have you ever wished to explore your pictures in a 3D mode? Have you ever wished to look at your most important pictures in a different, new and fresh way? Well, with Photosynth you can finally observe your pics like never before, thanks to its cinematic quality features. To approch this new world it is just sufficent to install a small program containing a plugin for your browser (Internet Explorer or Fireofox) and a desktop application. Once you are done, you will only have to pick your photos, give a name to your collection and click ‘Synth.’ After that it will be up to Photosynth to change everything into a wonderful explorable world you can visit as if you were walking! What PhotoSynth does is to download your photos to Microsoft Servers, stick them into a faux 3D environment and show the result as a nice puzzle you can explore as if you were turning your head to peer closely at the environment around you. Does it sound crazy? Maybe. Meawhile if you are curious to know more or see how it works, feel free to visit the official website Photosynth.net.

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