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googleGoogle Gears is an interesting application or I’d better say a browser extension for IE and Firefox which lets you use online application offline. That said it does not mean a lot right? But what if I say that you can use your preferred online applications such as: Google Reader , Google Docs , Zoho, Remember the Milk, Picasa Web Albums even though you are not connect to the Internet? The way Google Gear works is really simple. In fact, it allows a web application to cache resources locally (it also stores data in a SQLite database) and makes them available without a network connection. “Gears is an incremental improvement to the web as it is today. It adds just enough to AJAX to make current web applications work offline. Gears today covers what we think is the minimal set of primitives required for offline apps. It is still a bit rough and in need of polish, but we are releasing it early because we think the best way to make Gears really useful is to evolve it into an open standard. We are releasing Gears as an open source project and we are working with Adobe, Mozilla and Opera and other industry partners to make sure that Gears is the right solution for everyone,” explains Google. If you want to know more or you just want to download it, visit Google Gears.

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