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I know what you are thinking about. There are no better browser apart from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. What can the Internet offer to you  after taking apart the just-mentioned browsers? Well, let me say it aloud: ” A LOT!”. Yes, you got it right. There are so many solutions to surf the Web out there that you will be amazed! So let’s see togheter what  the best unconventional alternative to the most famous browsers are.

  1. Avant Browser. Just in case you missed the article of mine where I speak about such a browser, here is the link.
  2. Xb Browser. Again, if you didn’t read the article of mine where I speak of this browser able to anonymize you while surfing, here is the link.
  3. Smart Bro. This little and light browser looks like Internet Explorer but it is so packed with nice features that you will never go back to your old browser again. Its features include: 100% compatible with Internet Explorer, integrate pop-up killer, flash filter to stop flash ads, clean your history and everything you downloaded while surfing automatically, very fast to download website.
  4. Maxthon browser. This freeware, light, fast browser is a valid alternative even to the well-known Firefox. Here are its features: Fully customizable. You can change, move, add tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts until it looks the way you would have designed it. Lots of hot keys, shorcuts and aliases to improve your browsing experience; Ad Hunter technology to block harmful, or just irritating ads, images and pages; Smart acceleration to load website at light-speed. The list can go on with these performing functions: undo list, magic fill, feed reader, screen capture, web sniffer and much more.
  5. Crazy Browser. What’s better than having a crazy browser crammed with tons of features to surf the web? Here is what you can get for free with this browser: Tabbed browsing to open multiple windows and site inside one browser, customizable mouse navigation, built-in Smart Pop-up Blocker, function to handle multiple monitor, support for P3P privacy policy and zone-based security assignments, zooming page etc.
  6. Enigma Browser. This browser has been specifically designed for speed and stability. Its features are: built-in Popup Killer based on intelligent identification, Ability to turn on/off Flash Animation, Access to major search engines with Quick-Search Bar, Integration with online translation engine and dictionaries, ScriptPad: Built-in VBScript/Jscript/HTML/Text editor.
  7. iRider. This nice browser has been made to be…quite amazing. If you think that you have already seen all the major features in a browser, well, think again. In fact, iRider offers you: Page list. This feature frees you from the limitations of the Back/Forward buttons and website links; Surf Ahead. With this technology, while you are visiting your current page, right click on any link to download the next page; Open several links at once. Select multiple links or favorites (bookmarks) and click one to open all of them at once. Much faster than clicking them one-by-one! Search several search engines at once; Ping. Prevent the pages you are visiting from being closed with this nice function. Add several pages to your favorites with a single click. Exchange pages and website with other thanks to its command which copy and paste a lot of web addresses into a message. Pop-up killer.
  8. Ultrabrowser. Simple and minimalist browser. Here are its features: Two toolbar settings (Standard and Slim). Integrated Pop-up Blocker. Built-in Google Search querying from URL address bar. Password protected Web-based bookmark manager to store favorites on the web and access them anywhere (with sharing capabilities). One-click access to popular IMs (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ).
  9. Runecats Explorer. This browser is famous for its design and theme. It is very simple, and minimalist. Here are its features: Tabbed browsing, menu tab…reading from Wikiepdia: “Runecats Explorer has many features such as the “Google tab” which resembles a mini browser at the bottom of the main browser (this is opened by clicking a small tab with the google logo on it) which displays Google. This allows you to search something on Google without adding a new tab or window. In later models of the browser, the Google tab was made movable, and other web addresses were able to be typed into the tab. Runecats Explorer also has basic features such as pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing.”
  10. Sea-Monkey. This all-in-one software is much more than a browser. As a matter of fact it is a “Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple…all your Internet needs in one application.” Its features include: tabbed browsing, popup blocker, image manager to block unwanted pics, advanced security settings, password, Download, and Cookie managers, themes, multi-language and multi-platform support, and, the latest in Web Standards.

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2 Comments to “The best unconventional alternative to Google Chrome”

  1. Derrick Douglas Says:

    I personly use Runecats Explorer, It does everything I want it to do and more, and has features which most other browsers are missing.

  2. Keith Says:

    I use SeaMonkey myself (it’s like Firefox with a far less obnoxious UI), but aren’t most (if not all) of the others just shells around Internet Explorer’s COM component?

    Keith´s last blog post..Mia tago: 2008-10-28

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