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For those of you who missed it, some days ago Google celebrated its 10th Birthday! . As a matter of fact, the most famous search engine of the world  was born on September 5, 1998 (co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University). In order to celebrate this event, Google has created a special page containing  its timeline with the most important stories, anecdotes, oddities etc.  Visit the Official Google 10th Birthday page now! Furthermore, the G-team has also brought back  Google Search Engine just like it was in 2001. Of course this “old version” contains a lot of pages belonging to the past and it is very funny to see what results it returns for certain keywords. During these few years Google has managed to become a leader among Search Engines changing, at the same time, the way we perceive the Internet. It has also developed a lot of interesting software and web-applications always trying to focus itself on two main goals: Simple and Free. Even though with some delay: Happy Birthday Google and thanks for making the Internet a better place.

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