320GB eGo Helium external hard drive

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ego helium

Lately it looks like everything is shrinking more and more. I feel like I am inside some movies such as “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”. But apart from jokes I had to figure it out. In fact, the more the technology manages to find new ways to store things into smaller places, the more computers and electronic devices become smaller and slimmer in order to embed more features for its users, who will be willing to pay more bucks for them…it is just the way the markets works. Anyway Iomega has just unveiled its new ultrathink external hard drive called eGo Helium, mainly intended for those guys who have got an Apple Mac Book Air and need something to store their stuff in,(in factit goes along with the design of the Apple laptop). eGo Helium sports:

  • Anodized aluminum shell. (0.63-inches thick).
  • 320GB 2.5-inch hard drive.
  • Already formatted with Apple’s HFS+ file system.
  • Drop Guard design. This new technology lets you protect the eGo Helium from falls of up to 1.3-meters.
  • it gets power from USB port so there’s no power supply to carry around.
  • Space for up to 1,280,000 photos, over 5,920 hours of music or 480 hours of video.

Its price is $149.99 and it will be available next month. If you want to know more read the full news here.

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