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If you bought your computer in some foreign country, by now you should know that the pre-installed Windows Vista operating system, which comes bundled in the computer, has got the same language of the country you got it from. You should also know that there is no way to change the operating system language, since the ability to switch among different languages is only available in Windows Vista Ultimate. But if you really want such a feature because, for example, you bought your nice laptop in German and you understand %!$#@ about this language, here is a nice application which can be very useful to you. Its name is Vistalizator and lets you switch your Windows language to whatever language you want! The way Vistalizator works is really simple. It just “overrides the limit of one language on non-Ultimate Vista editions.” Here are its most important features:

  • Switch Windows language (Vista O.S.) in less than 5 minutes.
  • Uses official Microsoft Vista language packs.
  • Compatible with 32-bit, 64-bit Vista and SP1
  • Safe use – no file is overwritten/changed during language installation (except for language upgrade after installing Vista SP1).

If you want to download it, here is the link from the official website.

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