How to shut down Windows Vista quickly

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vistaThere is a lot of software which promises you to shut down your Vista quickly. Most of them are not freeware, while other ones, despite they cost you nothing, are loaded with a lot of unwanted features which, in some cases,  slow your computer down. Let’s see how, in a few easy steps, you can shut down your system without modifying, hacking or installing any software.

While we are working, we tend to open a lot of windows on our computer desktop. That’s pretty normal. But  this behaviour brings up a few drawbacks. As a matter of fact,  once we are finished we are faced with the compelling need to close or minimising them, one-by-one. Instead of doing this time consuming operation, just press WIN+D and your Vista desktop will be clean right away (all of your windows will be minimized  instantly). Now if you want to shut down your Vista, Just press ALT+F4.

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