PS3 firmware 2.50 and PSP 5.0 update

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playstation update

Sony has recently updated its game consoles in order to bring new exciting improvements to both platforms. But let’s see in details what gamers will get with these updates.

Playstation 3 firmware 2.50

The main news for the Playstation 3 update has to do with the implementation of voice chat features for the PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset, the ability to capture screenshots while playing games, supporting titles in the future, and enhancements to make the PlayStation Trophy interface more friendly.

  • The account creation screens under have been redesigned.
  • Support for SCEA in order to support Official Bluetooth Headset. (this update will let the console show volume, batter charge, mute option, High Quality – HQ – mode).
  • In-game screenshot capture tool.
  • New user interface for PlayStation Trophies.
  • Video Search features which will show you thumbnails in order to help you find a particular scene in a video more easily.
  • Direct links to PlayStation Store to let users buy original contents more easily.
  • Power save features that let users decide when to turn off the console after a period of inactivity.
  • Support for Adobe® Flash® Player 9 has been added to the browser.
  • You can now choose the following keyboard types: [German Keyboard (Switzerland)], [French Keyboard (Canada)] and [French Keyboard (Switzerland)].
  • By pressing the PS button while playing PLAYSTATION 3 format software, you can now view information from the [Settings and Connection Status List] option under [Network Settings].
  • You can now select one of nine volume output levels using the [Volume Control] setting on the control panel (or the mini-size control panel).
  • Under [Printer Settings] > [Printer Selection], you can now select printers that support network connectivity. You can also select HP printers using the [HP] option.

Playstation Portable firmware 5.0

The new update will add to the PSP the direct access to PlayStation Store, eliminating the need for the PSP to be connected to a computer. In this way users will be able to download new content such as games, demos and trailers wherever they get a Wi-fi hotspot.

  • On-screen keyboard. This feature lets users use a full-size, QWERTY on-screen keyboard while browsing the Internet.
  • While playing music, users will be able to decide when to shut off their PSP after a specified amount of time.

For more info visit the official press release.

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