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This is a very simple but effective hack which lets you open your Google Chrome browser into Incognito Mode right away: Create a shortcut having the following target: C:/ blah blah blah /chrome.exe -incognito

Source: chrome-hacks.net

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5 Comments to “How to open Google Chrome in Incognito mode”

  1. Tumbleweed Says:

    This is bad information. Google Chrome does not have any built-in command line switches that will allow you to startup in “Incognito Mode”. A complete list of command line switches that Chrome does support can be seen herel

    I did some searching (on google) and as of right now it doesn’t look like there is even a plug-in or method of doing this from Chrome’s options menu.

    Sorry for the bad news, but before you go wasting your time getting frustrated trying to make this happen I thought you should know that this particular command line switch is bunk.

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Yes, Tumbleweed you are right. That’s what happens when I don’t verify the news and I report it right away. I thank you for your pointing the mistake out and I apologize with all of Web Talk’s readers. The link you provided doesn’t work, here is the working link: http://www.ericdlarson.com/misc/chrome_command_line_flags.html

  3. Athif Says:

    It works by adding “- incognito”

    C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -incognito

    Athif´s last blog post..Unable to open .chm HTML Help files

  4. NotAName Says:

    “C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” – chrome://newtab/

    – for XP

    *chrome opens the link in incognito if it was started like this:
    chrome -‘space'”link”

  5. Kbotz Says:

    It works when you use –incognito make sure there are 2 dashes.

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