How to see if somebody tried to access your computer

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vistaThere are a lot of ways to lock your Windows Vista from people who want to use it to access your private files. The most known one is, without any doubt, Vista User Account which lets you create accounts and give them a password to limit the access to users working at the same PC. Anyway, this may not be sufficient for you because you want to know more. Maybe you want to know and check who unsuccessfully tried to logon your computer by typing wrong passwords. Windows Policy allows you to get information about the previous user logons and logon failure. Here is the trick to activate this feature by using the Group Policy Editor.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run… and type gpedit.msc (group Policy Editor is available only in Windows Vista Ultimate and Enterprise).
  3. Go to Computer Configuration-> Administrative templates-> Windows Components-> Windows Logon Options. Double click on “Display Information about previous logons during user logon”.
  4. Just tick “Enabled”. Thanks to this feature, from now on, you will be able to know the last logon attempted, the user name and the number of unsuccessful attempts to your PC.

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