Stop Google spying you while using Chrome

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chromeAs we all know, Google with its Chrome is spying all of us. Read this article for further reference. Personally speaking, I find all this quite funny since one of the biggest statement of Google is that, thanks to a special function  called “incognito” embedded in its browser, everybody won’t leave any fingerprint on the computer anymore. Yes, sure, I won’t leave anything on my computer, but Google will be able to see everything I do.  Luckily for us a group of German guys have managed to create a customised version of Chrome. This new Chrome  is called Iron. The Iron browser is based on the “Google Chromium” source code. It doesn’t send any infos to Google and it does not contain any unique user ID. Also, the following features have been deactivated:

  • No alternative error messages, when entering a wrong URL.
  • No data is sent to Google when Chrome crashes.
  • No unwanted Google updater.

If you want to download it, click here.

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