How to delete a file used by another application (locked file)

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While working at the computer it is very common to delete files. That’s because you have created an updated copy of the file or because you have discovered a duplicate or just because you don’t need it anymore. Whatever the reason, sometimes it may happen that your Windows Vista (or XP or previous Windows edition) will prevent you from performing such an operation because it says that the file you are trying to delete is in use in… or that the file is open in… These messages are triggered by Vista when you are trying to delete files used by the operating system itself or by some applications you have installed on your computer. Sometimes it can be a real pain to find out which application is using the file you want to get rid of, and the whole story can become a frustrating quest into the unknown cause it is not always so simple to discover the guilty application.

Killbox is a very simple and light software utility that will try to delete files by killing the the process (close the running file) which uses it.

If you want to know more, click here. if you want to download it, click here.

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