How to disable and remove Caption feature from WordPress

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As I wrote in a previous article of mine, since the release of WordPress 2.6.1, bloggers can not disable the picture captions anymore. This feature automatically adds a brief description under every image and picture uploaded in a post. (If you are still using WordPress 2.6, you can still manually remove the picture captions, by applying this little trick). As a matter of fact, WordPress developers have removed the attribute CAPTION_OFF and added a filter hook called DISABLE_CAPTIONS. All this means that  you can still disable the picture caption feature but just by using a plugin. Reading from Mydigitallife.info: “Caption Disabler is a WordPress plugin that removes and disables captions feature in WordPress so that all caption shortcode is not been parsed or translated, and no and HTML entities are automatically added while editing or writing.” To install, uninstall and disable the plugin just follow the same procedure used with other plugins. Download Caption Disabler here.

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