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vistaEvery now and then, for reasons which are completely unknown to Microsoft itself, it may happen that your Recycle Bin doesn’t change or update its icon independently from the fact that you just flushed it or not. Here are some tips which should help you troubleshooting this issue and find the right solution to restore recycle bin.

  1. Did you change or installed any new themes? If so try to revert Vista to the previous theme or uninstall the theme itself. Also, try to switch from Windows Classic theme to Vista Aero default.
  2. Right-click on the Desktop – Personalize – Change desktop icons – Disable / Uncheck Recycle Bin. Now click Restore Defaults. Click OK. Reboot. Now using the same method Enable /Check Recycle Bin, then restore defaults. Click OK and refresh Desktop.
  3. Right-click on the Desktop – Personalize – Change desktop icons – Click on the ‘Recycle Bin Empty’ icon – Click on Change Icon – A new window should appear- Select another icon of your choice – Click Apply- Try to empty the bin (of course you have to put something inside it…) and check if its icon change into the one you selected. If so, go back and again change  the icon back.
  4. Click Start – In the Seach Bar type: gpedit.msc and press Enter. Now go to  User Configuration – Administrative Templates – Desktop – Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop – Double click on it – Enable – Apply Reboot. After rebooting, follow the steps above again, this time instead of ‘Enable’ select ‘Not Configured’.

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