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A few days ago I spoke about the Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC2008) in Los Angeles where a lot of details about the upcoming Windows 7 were released. During that important event Microsoft released a pre-beta build of Windows 7 to the attendees.  Some good willed guy, right after the end of the conference, has leaked this Windows 7 version via torrent right away!

The Windows 7 Milestone 3 build 6801 torrent has the size of around 2.75 gb and can be downloaded here:

These torrents contains a lot of RAR files which, after being merged, will give you as a result the following DVD ISO image:

File Name: 6801.0.080913-2030_Client_en-us_ULTIMATE-ULTIMATE_GB1CFRE_EN_DVD.iso
File Size: 2921580544
MD5: B73405672EC76FE5F473346AD18EF8A1
SHA1: B4D66917B942595EDD2A5221F34EFD268CD3217D
CRC32: 2325B4E9

This DVD-ISO image is 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 version. If you want to download  the Windows 7 64-bit (x64 or amd64) Milestone 3, here are the links:

Again, the torrent is composed by many RAR files which, once merged will give you as a result the follwoing DVD ISO image:

File Name: 6801.0.080913-2030_Client_en-us_ULTIMATE-ULTIMATE_GB1CXFRE_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 3605774336 Bytes
MD5: 51B58FA601D3575D11CA6C753FCDD4D0
SHA1: 74B52D29A00CCA1063B9EF41E9DED2D42FF87764
CRC32: B89522F5

I would like to remember to you that these copies are not cracked (and I won’t post the crack at all). They can be used freely as evaluation copies for  30 days just by entering blank (no entering) product key during their installation.

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