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How many times have you left your computer on all night long to download that huge file, only to find out the following morning that your download manager crashed at 3 o’clock? How many times have you left a certain software on because you needed it to perform a particular task (just think of your e-mail client) just to find out some hours later that that trusted application crashed few minutes after you left your computer? If you are one of those guys with a certain inclination for bad luck as far as applications are concerned, here is a nice freeware software that watch your PC when you are not before your PC.

Its name is Application Monitor and its task is to constantly check the programs opened by the user. If it detects that a process has stopped working, it will start it again right away. “With Application Monitor you will always be sure that your important processes are running”…”AppMonitor has been developed keeping in mind all those admin and power users who use programs that must always been running (such as webserver, database, mailserver, p2p) and that don’t have a built-in restart function”.

If you want to download it, click here.

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