How to fill out forms and log in automatically

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If you have one hundred usernames and passwords you know what I am talking about pretty well. I mean, isn’t it annoying to fill out dozens of forms or type your usernames and passwords every time you have to access your accounts? If you have one or two accounts this nice add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer is not for you, but if you have: e-mail account, Facebook account, Twitter account, Yahoo Messenger account, YouTube account, blog account, feed account etc. then, before getting crazy, you’d better use Roboform!

Roboform is a nice and quite useful add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer whose task is to remember your passwords and sensitive information you use to fill in forms in the Internet.  Roboforms is “the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling”. Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Manage your passwords and log-in automatically without typing any pass or username anymore.
  • Fill out long forms and checkout forms with one single click (isn’t this wonderful?).
  • Create hard passwords thanks to its password generator.
  • Detect phishing websites thanks to its technology.
  • Back-up all of your data you use to fill forms out.
  • Roboform is also a portable application, phone friendly and compatible with IE7 and Windows Vista!

If you want to know more, click here. If you want to download it, click here.

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