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If you have a lot of old pictures and you don’t know what to do with them, if you have something for history, famous people and places, finally you have got your chance to clash all this stuff together to have some fun! As a matter of fact now, thanks to a little website, you can put your face/image in the most unthinkable places or just stick it over somebody else’s face and become quite famous!

Photofunia.com is what you could call a bare-bone website whose goal is to give you some fun with a lot of nice and spectacular effects. The main page contains a whole set of pictures to choose from. Just pick-up one of them, upload your picture and voila! Done. What the website does is to replace/put your image (your face) in the picture you chose from the website’s main page. So no wonder if you will see your face on a sexy Angelina Jolie’s T-shirt or in a old vintage picture!

If you liked this nice website, maybe you should also take into consideration to have a lot at MagMyPic.

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2 Comments to “Put your face in funny places and…WOW!”

  1. Bob Garson Says:

    It looks really cool. Picjoke – funny photo effects is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

  2. aimar Says:

    i am interested

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