More news about the upcoming Windows 7

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After the official press release at the Developers Conference 2008 (PDC2008) in Los Angeles of the next Microsoft operating system namely Windows 7, a lot of news are slipping out to make us all happy with excitement.  As a matter of fact, Microsoft at  WinHEC has unveiled a lot of interesting details as far as Windows 7 performance is concerned.

Windows 7 will be faster at shutdown and startup and will consume less energy than Vista. To achieve these goals Windows 7 will launch fewer services at start-up, while a better Wi-Fi “handling” will let the system drop  below 100%  of power consumption. It is said that all this (and much more) will cause Windows 7 to manage battery life of approximately 11% better than Vista. Here you can find three videos talking about Vista 7 features in detail. Enjoy!

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