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Modern technology is orientating toward visual graphic effects more and more. Books and words are leaving  key-places  to make room to icons, pictures, videos, flash and java applications and programs which let people guess what they have to do and perform in a visual way. People are creating a world where they will have to learn by watching things rather than understanding what they are reading.  So, no wonder if somebody has already got the wonderful idea to create a visual search engine which lets you browse the Web by looking at pictures and videos of websites rather than reading their excerpt and content.

SearchCube is the first Visual Search Engine which shows search results in a compact, visual format shaped into a 3D cube. “It searches the World Wide Web for websites, videos and images and displays previews of each result on a unique, three-dimensional cube interface.” Reading from the website: “Website previews are provided by thumbshots.org. Three dimensional rendering is performed using the Sandy 3D Engine Actionscript library. Animations are performed with the help of the Tweener Actionscript library.” SearchCube needs to work Flash Player version 9 or higher.

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