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googleIf you love Google like I do, then you should have some nice Google application on your computer such as: Google Earth, Google Chrome, Picasa etc. They are all very useful pieces of software which, like every other program, tend to use RAM and CPU resources which in some cases could be diverted for more useful purposes. One thing a lot of people doesn’t know is that when somebody (yes, even you!) downloads and installs some Google utility, he also gets, without knowing, a little application called GoogleUpdate. What this GoogleUpdate does is to silently try to connect, without asking for any permission, to the Internet in order to update your Google applications. If you don’t like this  behavior, which among the other things uses your computer resources, here is the hack that helps you  remove and uninstall the GoogleUpdate.exe.

First of all, let’s check if you have GoogleUpdate.exe. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Click Start Task Manager. A window containing all the running processes should appear on your desktop. Just check if you see GoogleUpdate.exe. If it is installed on your PC, just apply the following trick.

  1. Press Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click Administrative tools.
  4. Click Task Scheduler.
  5. On the Task Scheduler window expand on the left pane the Task Scheduler Library Folder. Now locate on the right the GoogleUpdateTaskUser. Right click on it and select Delete.
  6. Close the Task Scheduler window and press again CTRL+ALT+DEL. Now select GoogleUpdate.exe and click the End Process button.
  7. Press Start.
  8. Click Run…
  9. Type regedit and press Enter.
  10. Locate the following sub-key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\
  11. In the right pane locate the value named “Google Update”, right-click on it and select Delete.
  12. Reboot your computer for the hack to take effect. This will let you uninstall Googleupdate.exe for good.

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7 Comments to “How to remove or uninstall GoogleUpdate.exe”

  1. umesh Says:

    how the install a window7 in my pc

  2. harryh Says:

    in XP it is Services instead of Task Scheduler…..and instead of deleting it you can disable it …. double click google update (gupdate) and in start up type…instead of Auto/Manual…just disable it

  3. gracias Says:

    Gracias (Thanks!)

  4. Confused Says:

    On windows XP there is no option under administrative tools for the task schedule. It’s an entirely different folder under the control panel itself. I followed every task here and restarted my PC. However upon reboot the GoogleUpdate.exe was still running on the pc background but is not on the task schedule anymore. Help T.T

  5. Alan Says:

    My system is restarting in the night after a gupdate according to event viewer. However, I cannot find gupdate anywhere in items 5 and 10 above, or anywhere in my system, including using Revo uninstall. I’m using Win 7. So where has Google hidden it now?

  6. Web Talk Says:

    Glad it helped you! I too used this porcedure (lol!!!) and I got rid of that little resource consuming…nullity!

  7. visitor Says:

    Probably one of the best written uninstall procedure for the annoying GoogleUpdate – Thanks!

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