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Right after posting my last article about the new Gmail features namely voice and video chat, I have decided to post a small list of my best articles tips for Google which are able to improve the way you use Google and its applications. These articles have helped, with its tips and tricks a lot of people and have taught some nice things to Web Talk’s readers. Enjoy!

If instead you are looking for something more challenging, have a look at my search tips for Google!

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5 Comments to “The best Google tricks, tips and hacks”

  1. jhon Says:

    like the other’s spell google emo and i’m feeling lucky by guys

  2. jhon Says:

    another got to google spell google chesse and click i’m feeling lucky zoom in and you will see what happens.

  3. jhon Says:

    HACKS ARE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jhon Says:

    here’s another go to google spell google bsd and click i’m feeling lucky

  5. jhon Says:

    here’s a good google hack go to google spell google gothic and click i’m feeling lucky.

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