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Lately the market has been overflowed with tons of digital frames which to tell you the truth, apart from the initial shake, have added no excitement to our digital lives. That’s why when I first read about the new iGala Wireless Digital Picture Frame I started yawning relentlessly. Anyway, on a second thought I did find something exciting in this boring looking frame.

As a matter of fact, the frame carries interesting Internet features to share our pictures with some famous services and check traffic and weather. But let’s see what I am talking about.

  • The frame sports an interesting 8-inch, 800 x 600with touchscreen capabilities.
  • Qwerty keyboard in the display
  • 1GB of internal storage.
  • Wi-fi antenna.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Support for: Gmail (for sending your pictures), Microsoft’s FrameIt (to check weather, traffic and read news), Flickr

iGala Wireless Digital Picture Frame costs $239 and if you wanna buy it right away, well..click here!

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