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Yes, you got it right. Despite the fact that I am not used to write about “dirty tricks” on Web Talk because they could put your computer in danger, here I am writing one of them before your very eyes, hoping to get your fully attention. So, let me get this straight: This trick doesn’t put your computer in jeopardy nor it should damage it. The only thing it could happen is that your nice Firefox might freeze or give you some errors. That’s it. So let’s see how we can make our Firefox 3.1 faster by applying a little trick which turns on a little unknown feature.

By default, Firefox has got a little feature known as TraceMonkey (which by default is disabled). But what the heck is it? TraceMonkey is a  compiler whose goal is to improve JavaScript performance by up to a factor of seven. As a result, the user should experience a faster “Red Fox” as far as surfing is concerned . Here is the trick to turn TraceMonkey on.

  1. Type about:config in the Address bar and press Enter.
  2. A message followed by a button saying “I’ll be carefull. I promise!” should appear. Click on it.
  3. In the filter textbox, type javascript.options.jit.chrome
  4. Double-click on the value javascript.options.jit.chrome to turn it on (true)

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2 Comments to “Dirty trick to make your Firefox run at light-speed”

  1. kaenlsp Says:

    I found the thing and turned it true, nothing seems to happen… but it didn0t give me any problems either, I guess ill just have to continue navigating and see if it is actually faster
    hop so
    thanks anyway, good post

  2. Shaon Mukherjee Says:

    i got 3.0.10 and could not find the “javascript.options.jit.chrome” option+

    Shaon Mukherjee´s last blog post..List of Removal tools for 3rd party security applications

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