How to open a bunch of links in a matter of seconds in Firefox

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Speed is everything in the Internet nowadays. Having a fast Internet connection means surfing the web  smoothly, running a snappy browser means exploring websites and blogs quickly and without issues, opening multiple links in a matter of seconds means saving more time to dedicate to other tasks. But wait a minute. Having a fast Internet connection and a snappy browser don’t require any manual operation. Everything is automatic because everything is run by servers and computers. But when it comes to opening a lot of links the story is quite different. In fact, you need to manually open them one-by-one, and this can be time consuming and quite, really quite boring. Let’s learn how we can open a lot of links in no time!

Snaplink is a nice Firefox add-on which lets users to open multiple links into different tabs or windows. The whole operation is performed just by drawing a box around the links you wish to open. Drawing a box is quite simple. Just right-click the right mouse button, and drag the cursor to create a square. Any links inside this green box will have a red box drawn around them. At this point you can press and hold the Alt key top open them all instantly.

If you want to know more, click here. If you want to download it, click here.

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