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fast motionYouTube is the best place to share and watch videos. That’s a fact. In the Internet there are a lot of free applications which let you download and convert these videos for your own purposes. Some hacks instead, let you embed YouTube videos in your blog or watch them in high resolution. As you see, apparently, there is everything you need to play with YouTube videos and nothing else need to be discovered. Anyway, there is a very useful little  application few people know about, so far. This application lets you watch your YouTube videos in slow motion or fast motion without changing the pitch of their audio .

My Speed pluging for YouTube is a nice, simple application whose goal is to let you change the speed of any flash videos without tampering the audio. My Speed lets you watch a video in slow motion or fast motion. If you are still thinking why the heck you should need an application like this, just think of what happens when you want to learn or see something showed on a  running fast video. Wouldn’t be nice to slow the video down, just a little bit, to see better what it is showing? MySpeed Plug-In for Flash is for free and supports Firefox 2 or 3, Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

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8 Comments to “How to watch a YouTube video in slow motion”

  1. britney Says:

    how do you make a video slow motion on youtube ????

  2. Gems Says:

    The easiest way to get slow motion for YouTube is probably this site called embedplus: http://www.embedplus.com

    found through lifehacker

  3. alexwfix Says:

    Actually, I want to download video, Could this software has feature of editing the video. Could you please advise me any good software for youtube video editing?

  4. yo Says:

    I don’t know how to do? How to use this software? I want to slow a youtube video but how?? please answer!

  5. Anthony Says:

    Idk but now some annoying music keeps playing over and over…
    .-= Anthony´s last blog ..Scary Shorts in the Screening Room =-.

  6. Anthony Says:

    I just downloaded your program and im not quite sure why its not working?
    .-= Anthony´s last blog ..Scary Shorts in the Screening Room =-.

  7. Web Talk Says:

    Hello TJ,
    Reading from the website:

    MySpeed works with most common web browsers and the Real Player. Here are the minimum system requirements for MySpeed.
    Minimum Requirements:

    * Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
    * Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or Firefox 2 or 3
    Experimental Support for: Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome,
    Opera, Safari and Real Player
    * Flash Version: Flash 9 (Version Number: 9,0,115,0 or 9,0,124,0)
    Flash 10 (10,0,12,36)
    * Hardware: See Recommended Requirements for Flash

    If you are talking about downloaded FLV files, yes you are right, but this is a special case. When I review a software I just give you a general review, leaving the rest up to you, in case you are interested in it.

    Also, keep in mind that I am not selling this product. I am just reviewing it. If I will ever try to sell you a product, or if I will ever make a paid-review I will write it down, according to the web site policy:


  8. TJ Says:

    In the write-up why didn’t you say that the slow motion feature in the currently works only with Real player? This kind of omission is annoying and makes me wonder what other limitations your product has that you have cared not to mention. I am not going to buy your product and find out later!


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