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I still remember my amazement when, a few days ago, I discovered and wrote about the incredible Tomy xiao digital camera which lets you print your pictures in a Polaroid-like way. What I am going to talk about today is a nice digital frame which can do something…unexpected, namely it can actually scan your pictures and display them in its display.

Skyla Memoir is a standard plain and not-exciting-at-all digital frame which, differently from others of its kind can do something quite amazing. As a matter of fact, it has got a built-in photo scanner which is able to scan, acquire, convert your pictures to files and store them in a handy memory. Skyla Memoir is able to scan 4×6 prints or smaller, which paired with 1GB of internal memory storage lets you store about 200 4×6 photos scanned at 600 dpi. Other features include:

  • 800×600 resolution LCD display.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Support for MP3s, MPEGs.
  • No Wi-fi antenna (Doh!)

Skyla Memoir is going to be available in the States starting from December for a price of $219.99.

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