Reasons why your blog is experiencing a drop in its visitors

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It has been a long time since we last talked here at Web Talk about blog’s issues, right? That’s why I am here writing this article. To show you some love and apologize if I neglected you. To tell you the truth there are a lot of things I would like to write  or I’d better say I would like to share with you, but the thing is that I have so many things to do that I hardly manage to get some time to write what I would like to. Writing articles on a daily base (don’t forget that I am the only writer here), updating my blog, optimizing it, finding partners to publicize my work etc. are time-consuming activities which leave me little time to take in consideration that I also have readers to take care to. Anyway here I am. Let’s start speaking about Web Talk, the things I have discovered and read in the Internet and from there I will move on more personally topics which I think may be useful above all if you have a blog to maintain.

First of all, let me say to you that my blog is not experiencing any Google Sandbox nor any Google Everflux. These two interesting but quite controversial theories which divide SEO and Google experts are not the reasons of my blog’s constant fluctuation in term of visitors. When I wrote my articles about those hypothesis I was just trying to figure out the possible causes of something I didn’t know at all.  But let’s see some figures. The last time I spoke about my readers was in April 2008. Here are the statistic of that month:

  • Visitors: 5284
  • Pageviews: 17129
  • Spiders: 19247
  • Feeds: 1488

Since then, things have moved forward pretty fast. As a matter of fact, in April my blog had around 670 articles less than now (at the time I am writing Web Talk counts on more than 800 articles) and quite few people and blogs knew about Web Talk. Now things are quite different. Here are the statistic for the month of November 2008:

  • Visitors:  30.032 (average of 1000 visitors per day)
  • Pageviews: 67.804
  • Spiders: 10.865
  • Feeds: 3.844

Please keep in mind that I am not using any SEO tactic here at Web Talk (apart from using the excellent plugins All-in-one-SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemap) nor am I using any keyword strategy either in order to optimize my blog for certain keywords and get a better SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  The only thing I do is write more articles. In the end what just matters is content. Do you remember the golden rule as far as blogging is concerned? Well, just in case you don’t know what I am talking about here it is: Content is King. The more you write quality articles, the more you attract  visitors and the more search engines are going to show your work among their results. That’s why at the beginning of this article I said that I have little time to dedicate to my readers. In fact, I spend most of my “Internet life” looking for things ( softwares, tricks, tips, websites, Web 2.0 online applications etc) I don’t know about, posting them right away. By the way, a little note as far as my articles are concerned. Some people wrote to tell me that I am ripping-off things around the Web. I always try to look for new things in the Internet, but you understand that in a world where everything has already been discovered is quite difficult to write something new. Plus I am not an expert and that’s why I have to visit a lot of forums and see what others say and refer it here at Web Talk. I write an article about a freeware application? Be sure that somebody else has already done it. I write about a  trick I just found on a forum?  By the time I post it the Web has already got one thousand articles speaking about it. So, what should I do? Write about rare books? Speak about expensive diamonds? Maybe, but the only thing which makes my heart beat fast is write about tricks, tips, tweaks, freeware utility and all that stuff which optimize your computer. That’s the only thing I am good at (I hope so!). So, forgive me if what you are going to read  is not exclusive or unique! Let’s move on. A few lines above I said that I don’t care about my readers. Well, that’s not completely true (plus it sounds quite rude). In fact, on a second thought I do care about my readers but in a different prospective than you think. I always look at my statistic and I am always concerned when I see “weird fluctuations”. Here, I am linking to the title of my post, ok? All bloggers are very concerned about their readers and look at them with a lot of respect and they are concerned, like the way I am, when something goes wrong, namely people don’t visit their blogs. Let’s see together why and when a blog experiences a drop in its visitors.

  1. That’s the number one cause. Fluctuations in visitors are quite normal and you should expect them during the year. In fact, when you see your blog’s visitors increase or decrease, you are just looking at demographic and the way it works. You are also looking at special periods of the year where, because of holidays, vacations, bad or good weather etc., people tend to stay more or less in front of the computer. Does you blog speak abotu watches? Expect to see a lot of visitors during Christmas! Is your blog speaking about beach resorts? Expect to see little people in the winter time. Is you blog speaking about tricks, tips and how to? Expect to see a lot of people when Microsoft release its next operating system full of bugs.
  2. Your blog has got HTML or HTTP errors or search engine spiders don’t manage to crawl your blog efficently anymore. This is common too. Sometimes after you update  your favored CMS or after you added a new bugged plugin in your WordPress you may experience a drop in visitors. Make sure that everything is all right by using the excellent service offered by Google namely Google WebMaster Tools. This service offers you a lot of useful utilities to find out if your blog has got any errors, if your robots.txt is preventing spiders from crawling your blog and if spiders are taking too long to visit your  pages.
  3. Your blog is getting too much duplicate content. Google hates duplicate content. If it finds out that you are just pasting-and-copying other blogger’s work it will drop you from its search. Try to write original content and if you can’t, elaborate what others said, also adding something new.
  4. You don’t update your blog frequently. Well, there is not a lot to say. If you think that posting an article three, four times a month is sufficient to keep your readers interested in your blog…think better!
  5. Competition is getting tougher. A lot of bloggers tend to blame their blogs right after experiencing a drop in visitors. May be they are not thinking about the most obvious thing. May be another blog, sharing the same niche, has become stronger in terms of content. Or may be your worst blog’s rival is getting more famous thanks to good advertisements. Solutions? Adopt a good ads campaign (see Google Adwords) too or add more content to your blog.
  6. Your keywords are sinking in the SERP. You best keywords are loosing ranks in the SERP because another blog has optimized the same keywords in a better way. In order to keep your keywords firm in the search results try to get backlinks from other blogs. Also, try to post comments in other blogs. Make sure to leave comments in those blogs which don’t use the nofollow tag and use the CommentLuv plugin. How to find do follow blogs? Try this search engine. In this way you will be able to leave comments containing some link to your blog’s main page and its posts. These links will be crawled by search engines and this will increase your blog’s importance before their eyes. When commenting on these blogs, please leave relevant comments and do not spam. Remember, bloggers allowing you comment on their nofollow-free blogs are making you a big favour. Respect them!
  7. Your blog is not optimized. Your blog is…crap! Use some plugin to optimize it like the ones I use (go to beginning of this post), create a site map so that Google will be able to crawl your blog better. Link your posts among themselves and create keyword links pointing to other posts within your blog. Show Google some love and it will give a lot of love back.
  8. Your blog is becoming heavy. Keep your blog light because a lot of people don’t use ADSL. Do you know what happen when people try to open your blog and it takes too long? They go away! How to find out if your blog is heavy or not? Open your blog in Firefox. Now click Tools in the toolbar above the address bar and click page info. Over there you should see your blog’s size. Remember, your blog should stay under 100 Kb to be fully usable by people who don’t have a fast Internet connection.
  9. Your blog has been hacked. OK, this is a remote cause but take it into consideration. Maybe some evil hacker managed to redirect your traffic somewhere else. To find out if you have been hacked go to Google and use this query site:www.yourblog.com Now look at your post web addresses. Spot everything out-of-ordinary like some code appended at the end of your blog’s post addresses etc. Also, search in Google for some result showing your posts. Once you see one of it, click it and see if it takes you to your blog. Sometimes hackers redirect  traffic coming from Google. At a first glance you blog looks ok but as soon as you make a search on Google and click a result showing your blog, the link will redirect you somewhere else.
  10. You made a mess! Are you experiencing a drop in your blog’s visitors? Did you change or modify anything in your blog recently? Did you modify your robots.txt, .htaccess file, your blog’s permalinks, did you move your blog to another server etc? Have a look at what you just did because chances are that  you made a mess!

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