Coby’s PoqetMate-7: the first ultraportable under $100

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midgetOK, there are very little news in the Internet so far, as far as this little sub-laptop is concerned. But recently Coby, a  leading international manufacturer and distributor of electronics consumer-packaged goods for discount stores, stated that it will introduce in the market by March of 2009 a cheap ultraportable whose price will be under $100. The guys at Coby are being rather smart here since we are talking of $99.95, but I can’t tell you they are liars either! Furthermore, this cheap thing will be the first of its genre to hit and knock down the $100 wall so, kudos for them! As I said above we know very little about PoqetMate-7. It will come in two versions provided with a 7 inch and 9 inch screen and will run Linux (of course!). If you want to know more, visit this link where I read the original news.

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