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gosMy blogger’s life has put me before different kinds of news during this last year, so I shouldn’t be surprised before anything. What at first made me excited, now it’s quite plain and ordinary and what made me wish and crave for that piece of device, now it is just the next unexciting  thing I see. Nevertheless, thank God, there is still something which makes my little tech-heart beat as fast as the one belonging to a snappy antelope in the African savanna! In fact, here is the upcoming Google operating system!!! So, that’s the news of the day here at Web Talk! Good OS has recently announced gOS Cloud, an innovative, brand new operating system (it is a modified Linux operating system)  which boots from your browser with Google, Yahoo! and Live in seconds, and optionally can also boot into your beloved Windows or Linux. Reading from the official source: ” Cloud uniquely integrates a web browser with a compressed Linux operating system kernel for immediate access to Internet, integration of browser and rich client applications, and full control of the computer from inside the browser. Cloud features a beautifully designed browser with an icon dock for shortcuts to favorite apps, tabs for multi-tasking between web and rich client apps, and icons to switch to Windows, power off, and perform other necessary system functions. Users power on their computers, quickly boot into Cloud for Internet and basic applications, and then just power off or boot into Windows for more powerful desktop applications….”.

Cloud lets you run world famous applications such Skype and Media Player, Youtube, OpenOffice, Firefox, Meebo chat etc.. It is also provided with those nice Google applications which have become quite important during these last years. In fact Cloud lets you run: Google Documents, Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail and many others. To run it just needs Standard x86 Processor, 128 MB Ram and 35 MB Storage. If you want to know more, I strongly advice you to visit the official website which contains tons of information about gOS Cloud. Here is instead the link to download it. After dowonloading it, burn the ISO image to a DVD with your favorite burning software, keep the DVD in your drive, reboot your computer and follow the easy instructions to install it. That’s it! Here instead you can find the link to download gOS gadgets.

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2 Comments to “gOS Cloud: the new Google operating system!”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks fak3r (phil) for your nice comment! I see that you have just updated your nice blog by the way! I am quite content and satisified about this new OS to tell you the truth, like I am quite curious to try Ubuntu on my Asus Eee 901. The issue is that I dont know how to do it and if there are all the drivers for it. In the meanwhile I am reading a lot to get more infos! By the way, like I said to you in my email…keep the good work up…mind…I am watching you! LOL!

  2. fak3r Says:

    I played around with the first 2 gOS betas where they went from using e17 to Gnome as a desktop, but this is completely different – I hadn’t heard of this. I’m very interested in the netbook computers, as my 15″ Dell laptop is kinda bulky for international travel to conferences. Plus, I always like to have my install on laptops be as ‘light’ as possible. In other words, more data on servers than the local drive – which to me just makes sense to me. When I’m on the road I can do everything I need (email, surf, skype, get/edit documents) without much saved to my local computer. While Google Apps aren’t the answer for everything, I’ve done a good deal of work on them, and could see them as fulfilling my needs most of the time.

    Thanks for covering this, it sounds like the perfect application for gOS.

    fak3r´s last blog post..HOWTO: disable IPv6 networking in Debian

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