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pirate of the amazonIn a tech-era like the one we are living now, this kind of headline seems quite absurd and anachronistic taking us all back in a time where people, while sailing the seas, used to fear the famous Jolly Roger. But well, just in case you don’t know, pirates do exist even in the Internet. Have you ever heard of the Pirate Bay? Yes? And what about the Pirates of the Amazon?

Pirates of the Amazon is a small site (or I’d better say “it was” since it is offline now!)  where, until  some hours ago, people could download a small Firefox add-on, go to the Amazon.com online-shop and pray and sack and maraud everything they wanted. From music to books, from games to movies! No joke! But how did it work? Right after downloading the add-on, you had to open your Fireofox, click File, select Open File and install the file having .xpi extension. After that you had to run your favored Torrent client in the background, go to Amazon.com, select a song or a movie of your choice, go the proper page  and click a special “download 4 free” button. This button contained a link which sent you to the hosted .torrent tracker file which let you download your movie or your song for free. This Firefox add-on, despite the Pirates of the Amazon is currently unavailable can be downloaded by following this link (the file is not hosted on my server but is located at Torrentfreak.com) . Of course I have not tried it, since it is illegal to download copyright-protected files! Beware of it!

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