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If you like to maximize and improve the way you work in Windows Vista by removing Windows elements on your desktop, then this nice little freeware application is for you. Wouldn’t you like to get more space in your Taskbar in order to add a lot of icons and shortcuts to access applications and Windows utilities in a fast and easy way? If you think so, why then don’t you get rid of the Start button?

Start Killer is a nice free software which simply removes the Start button from your taskbar in Vista, giving you more space to play with. Don’t be afraid, Start Killer hides (not permanently delete) the Start button as long as it is active no your system tray. As soon as you close the application, the Start icon comes back. Please, take  into consideration that you can also gain access to the Start menu just by hitting the Windows button in your keyboard, or just by pressing CTRL+ESC.

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One Comment to “How to remove Start button from the taskbar in Windows Vista”

  1. Maikel Says:

    It doen’t work. Is there any orther option?

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